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Established in Cali since 1985 with wide-range experience in the real estate sector, the company Gonzalez Romero & Cia., based on the General Law 300 on Tourism, decided to separate from its real estate activities and created Habita as an independent company in 2007.

View National Registration (RNT) Number 21870

Since then, Habita Ltda. has grown and consolidated, basing its success on the wellbeing of its guests , offering visitors to our city a more convenient, pleasant and low cost temporary accommodation in comfortable fully furnished apartments.

Without the fixed costs of a hotel, our business is different from the traditional accommodation concept, and has the ability of offering lodging alternatives for half the regular hotel prices.

Our strong commitment with healthy and responsible tourism practices make us aware of the measures that need to be taken in order to counteract the possible harm caused by tourism activities such as: environmental damages, sexual exploitation and drugs sales and consumption.

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